Thrift Finds

Thrift stores call to me. I’ll be sitting at home reading a book, watching Netflix, playing with a child, and out of no where I hear them call to me like Jumanji. Did anyone else hear that? Of course they didn’t. I throw on something decent to wear, or not, and I go. I will rummage through an old thrift store for hours looking for lost treasures that have been waiting for me. And find them I do.


First, I give you this beautiful wooden chalice that I found for $2. Jason immediately joked on me that it looks like the holy grail from Indiana Jones. That is, until I put it on the mantle next to my next find, this simple wooden bowl. (The clock above is an old find from Anthropologie.)



That bowl will soon have eggshell candles in it for Easter (which I’ll be doing another post on in the near future). I found it for $1.


And lastly, I found this beautiful cream light knit sweater by JCrew, perfect for the cool spring.  Only $3.

Don’t mind me over here being all thrifty, trendy and good to the environment. 🙂