Around Here

Around here it’s summer time. The boys are out of school, which means that there are random toys, cups, and clothes laying all over the house that they’ve left in a trail of storm-like debris. Most of this debris ends up in Ruby’s mouth before we can get it to it’s proper spot for cleaning or storage. All last week I packed the kids up every morning and took them with me to The Camp, a huge program that my church provides for a public housing community here in our city. (I’ll be writing about that separately later this week). It’s a huge undertaking for everyone who participates. Everyone ends the week a little sunburned and a lot exhausted. Me and the kids were tired to the point of tears come Friday morning. Their little legs and my two auto-immune diseases were physically rejecting another day of Zumba and Aikido. Despite our exhaustion we all had a great time and have a deeper love for the people in our city.

For the holiday weekend we did something that we’ve never done before and chose not to celebrate. We stayed home all three days of the long weekend resting, doing some yard work, watching TV, driving each other a little nuts, and watched our neighbor’s illegal fireworks from the treehouse. Jason and I both felt a brief pang of guilt that we didn’t plan some memorable and festive experience for our kids by inviting friends and neighbors over to eat and blow up some cash, I mean fireworks, or at least take them to a firework show. But we quickly brushed off that guilt. Not every holiday, birthday, or event needs to be marked with forced sentiment and disposable income, which we don’t have much of these days anyways since I’m not working.  I’ve been struggling to find time to write since the boys are home from school and it starts to eat at me. I find that I get eager and grumpy when I haven’t written or read for a few days. Silence, alone time, and privacy are precious commodities around here. All of which I guard and highly prize. All of which come rarely and briefly. All of which I try to cultivate when I can and embrace when it comes. Even and especially at the expense of keeping a tidy house and clean children.

This is summer. We keep late hours. Make no plans. Keep expectations low. Find ways to save money to keep the air conditioner running. And watch lots and lots of cartoons.


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