The Tide

Couplers click as the engine steams thick
clouds moving across the raving sky.
Electric wires wind through ghettos,
sneakers hung with wounded feathers.
Flashing world whistles past the window
pane, whirling around in a turbulent wave.
The distant din of pistons and wheels
rumbles underneeth feet deep below.
But silence streams through visionary
beams of thought and illusive screams
dreaming of preserving a people who
want a country connected with steel and rods.
These tracks smack of progress and divide
the lines between the civilized.
When the Tide comes, and it will come,
it will bring wind and rain pouring on an aging
generation bent backwards on ruminations
that will eventually be laid to rest.

This is a poem that is dedicated to The Tide Light rail system in Norfolk, Virginia. There is a very heated debate currently going on about it in our community concerning whether it should be extended from our downtown to the suburbs and hubs of neighboring cities. Today there is actually an important vote happening in neighboring Virginia Beach about its continuation of The Tide and we are hoping for a victory. Many of the young people advocating for it have been disparaged and mocked in local newspapers and it has made some national news outlets. This is not a unique story isolated in just our community. Several metropolitan areas are attempting to build and extend their rail transit systems, for very good reason, but are being blocked by older, more conservative citizens and local law makers. Train systems have long been derided in America. I hope you enjoy this poem and encourage your city officials to support light rail in your towns.


I also submitted this poem over at dVerse today. Go give them a look!


11 thoughts on “The Tide

  1. Oh I love this… and the postscript made me optimistic.. there is hope for rails and the comfort it means of being able to travel while reading and observing…Imagine that it once was viewed as progress, and then the cars took over it all…. we need more trains in the world.

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