Scenes from a weekend

The boys were home on spring break last week, which means a lot of things around here. Mostly that I had to balance work, family and children all in 24 measly hours a day. And balance is a terrible word. I did not balance. It’s more like I tried to balance and things fell off the scale, as physics would have it. So, I did what I could and tried not to end up a heap of tears, guilt and anxiety by the week’s end. That also did not work out so well. But again, we mustered on and once I gave up on balancing and instead prioritized and let the not-so-important things go, we all fared much better. On one bright day, I packed up the children and went to Colonial Williamsburg to spend the entire day with friends who I don’t get to see near enough and who are some of the best people I know. At home we did library stuff, garden stuff, ordinary boring stuff, some arguing stuff, and more pleasant stuff.  Not much work stuff. That was the stuff that fell off the scale. And so it goes. I hope you all enjoyed the nice weather, even if you are in the part of the country that got snow over the weekend. Spring and fresh air is working its way in. And with it change. Good change. The kind I’m deathly afraid of and will write to you about later this week.

Here are some scenes from our weekend:


7 thoughts on “Scenes from a weekend

  1. I went to Colonial Williamsburg years ago with a friend. It’s an amazing place. Glad you’re having wonderful weather; it’s snowing here in New England, and my daughter is home on a snow day. It definitely interrupts writing plans for the day, but I’ve learned to roll with it and enjoy the extra time with her. Looks like you had a great time with your little ones.

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