Scenes from a weekend

We had a nice long weekend with extended family who traveled in from far off and close places. The cousins just played and played and ate sugar and wrestled and raced and blew bubbles and argued and threw tantrums and slept all over the house in corners with sweat in their hair. (It reminded me of the children’s book The Relatives Came. It’s such a sweet book that, if you don’t have it, you should add it to you own library). When you don’t see family for months on end, you squeeze in as much love as you can when you finally get them in your arms. You memorize little arms and toes and noses and pray pray that they stop growing until next time. But they always grow. They just won’t stop. The next time they see me I’ll have 20 more grey hairs and another age spot on my face. Because as they grow, so do I. Pushing me on down the line. I like to grow old and watch this process of an aging family.

Here are some pictures from our weekend; snapshots and pauses in time.


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