Stories From Ott Street

Up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where Ott Street meets Market Lane,

I have stories buried in a cemetery.

Stories I’ve never heard and stories I wish I hadn’t.

I thought I left them there, sealed up with pillows and roses,

But they sank low, low, into the limestone and that fresh underground

Mountain water.

And down they came.

Sinking into these salty marshes

Where they found me.

Soaking in through my soles,

They stacked straight through my spine

And burst into the base of my skull.

Just visiting, I’m sure. But how did they find me?

They’ve come such a long, long way.

They don’t even like it here.

But maybe it’s me

That they want.

I stop. And think. They stick thick to my heart.

Pausing a beat. Panicking me.

So I dig in the backyard, to put them back where they belong.

With dirt and dust.

Closing my eyes.

Laying in bed.

Breathing in deep.

But those stories from Ott Street keep following me.







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